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Storage and handling instructions

We send out the freshest ingredients from the approved suppliers, so you can cook up incredible meals. Follow the guidelines below for storage and handling of your ingredients so your meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables stay fresh until you decide to cook and enjoy them

Meat and Seafood

All our meat, fish and chicken will come with a date and storage indication on the label, please keep at a stated storage condition and use within the mentioned date.

Vegetables and Fruits

We recommend that you store all fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator especially leafy vegetables and any cut and/or cooked fruits and vegetable. However, you can store whole (uncut) onions, garlic, ginger and potatoes in room temperature.


Tender herbs such as coriander, parsley, mint and rosemary need to stay cold. If you want them to last even longer, snip off the ends and place in a glass with fresh water and cover with a plastic bag. Basil is one of the most delicate herbs that we tend to use quite a lot of. You can store basil at room temperature in its own glass of fresh water.

Condiments and dry items

Inside your recipe box, you will usually find a sealed condiments or dry items such as dried spices, rice or pasta. This can be taken out and kept in your pantry cupboard. We seal this bag to ensure that the content stays intact.


Any ready dressing or sauce would require to be stored chilled and use within a safe expiry, please follow the label and storage instructions on the pack.

Allergen information:

Currently we don’t cater to individual ingredient or diet preferences; this is because our ingredients are packed in a facility that may contain traces of allergens. If you have serious allergies, it’s best to avoid our boxes as we cannot guarantee that there would not be any cross-contamination as we have shared processing lines and equipment in our kitchen.