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About Us

Chef Select was founded by Ginza Restaurants LLC. The Concept is inspired from a vision to cater high quality cooking ingredients to customers who desire to enjoy cooking Fine Dining Meals right at their home.

Our years of experience in opening high quality Restaurant Concepts in the Middle East Region has shown that there is a high demand for concepts which are out of the ordinary.

Chef Select is exactly one of these concepts which shines out of the crowd with its offerings of high-quality Fine Dining dishes to cook at your home in very easy steps to follow.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to continuously create new recipes to match the most sophisticated palate.
By sourcing and delivering high quality fresh ingredients, we want to ensure the customer satisfaction to a maximum.

The experience we deliver to our customers is a main focus we are striving for.
Nowadays, everyone is looking for an experience while dining and we have made it our responsibility to deliver this experience from A to Z.

By achieving the set objectives in our mission statement,
our Vision is to position ourselves as a market leader in the food delivery sector of high-quality meals within the United Arab Emirates.

To realize our Vision we incorporate all valuable feedbacks from our customers to
further develop new inspiring meal options and draw our attention to the changing market demands.